about aalbers|farina

aalbers|farina is a sister company of the renowned Dutch metalwork company aalbers|wico. We developed the storage systems we supply to meet our own need for a more efficient way of storing sheet metal and long materials.

created for metalworkers, by metalworkers

aalbers|wico’s metal & technology division is a professional organisation with over 100 employees. At our production site in Renswoude, where we have more than 15,000 m2 of floor space at our disposal, we make use of the latest technologies.

a more efficient way of storing materials

When, a few years ago, we were looking for a more efficient way to store sheet metal, none of the existing options appeared to meet our needs. Our cantilever racks did not hold sufficient material and the storage options offered by the automated systems available at the time also fell short of our expectations.

drawers rather than shelves

That’s why we decided to develop a sheet metal storage rack ourselves. Using drawers rather than shelves proved to be an inspired choice. A 46-drawer storage rack offers over 50% more storage than virtually all existing systems with comparable dimensions.

also available to fellow metalwork companies

The benefits of our sheet metal storage rack did not go unnoticed by fellow metalwork companies. We therefore decided to launch it onto the market as a standalone system, together with the long materials storage rack that we had also developed in the meantime for storing our tubes and profiles.

where does the ‘farina’ part of our name come from?

The ‘Farina’ part of our company name refers to the sheet metal processing machines sold under the Farina brand. In the early days of our company we also supplied Farina’s press brakes and shearing machines alongside our own systems. Today, however, we focus entirely on developing, manufacturing and supplying our own storage systems for sheet metal and long materials. Top-quality products from Renswoude.

want to organise your own logistic processes more efficiently?

That’s how aalbers|farina came about in 2015: based on our own need for greater efficiency. Would you like to organise your own logistic processes more efficiently with the help of an automated storage system for sheet metal or long materials? Then why not contact aalbers|farina?

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