cantilever racks heavy duty

As we needed a better way of storage our steel products at our production site, we decided to develop our own automated system. This cantilever racks for heavy duty steel plate and long steel storage worked so well that it started to attract more and more interest from fellow metalwork companies.

cantilever racks for heavy duty steel plate storage: find the steel plate quickly with fewer forklift movements racks for heavy duty steel plate storage.jpeg?preset=content

heavy duty cantilever racks for long steel storage: stock stored from the ground up, leftover materials neatly stowed away

Locate your tubes and profiles more easily and keep your shop floor free of clutter by tidying away stock. All your leftover materials can also be neatly stowed away in our heavy duty automatic cantilever rack for long steel storage, helping you use these materials more efficiently.

key benefits

  • Locate long steel materials easily
  • Use leftover materials more efficiently
  • Suitable for standard lengths of 6 metres (2 items end to end), 8 metres and 12 metres

key features*

  • Storage of materials up to 13 metres in length
  • Load-carrying capacity of 7,500 kg per drawer
  • 7 drawers

* Features offered by standard version. We will be happy to tailor the product to meet your needs.


View our  heavy duty racks for long steel storage duty cantilever racks for long steel storage.jpeg?preset=content

full service: turnkey delivery, including control system

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