steel tube storage racks

Want to get your steel tubes off the floor and neatly store leftover material? With our automatic steel tube storage racks, you no longer have cluttered stock on the shop floor and find it more easily.

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Five racking models

aalbers|farina has five different models of racking for steel tube storage racks


Need to store long steel tubes in smaller spaces? Then the compact version is ideal. With the compact version, you can choose between low drawers or high drawers or a combination. Because this tube rack is less than 4 metres high, this model is also suitable for lower production areas. View all features of the Compact here.

Logic e-6

The Logic e-6 model is the single model. This is the basic version of our steel tubes storage rack. Nevertheless, this version is available with low drawers, high drawers and/or pallet shelves. In addition, the Logic e-6 model features fully automatic operation and a simple search function including residual piece registration. Take a look at all the advantages of the Logic e-6.

Logic d-6

Would you prefer the larger version of the Logic e-6? With the Logic d-6, you can store twice as many steel tubes in the storage racks. With a load capacity of up to 5,000 kg per drawer, the Logic d-6 is the ideal solution for heavy long steel tubes. Read more information about the Logic d-6. 

Logic d-12

The Logic d-12 is twice as long as the Logic e-6 and d-6. As a result, the model can store steel tubes with lengths as long as 12 metres. See all the features of the logic d-12.

Logic xl - heavy duty pipe storage rack

The heavy duty model in our pipe storage rack range has a load capacity of 7.5 tonnes per drawer. This high load capacity (in combination with its extra high drawers) makes the Logic XL ideal for storaging bundles of steel tubes. Take a look at the Logic xl here. tubes storage models.jpeg?preset=content

user-friendly operating system with handy search function

All our automatic storage racks for steel tubes feature a user-friendly, intuitive control system. Any operator can use it straight away. And thanks to the handy search function, you keep an overview of all the different steel tubes at all times.


  • 3 variants (see brochure)
  • flexible in terms of positioning
  • easy to operate steel tube strorage racks.jpeg?preset=content

“everything neatly organised and a greater insight into stocks.”

- Marein de Rooy, owner and director at De Rooy Metaaldesign

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