Sheet metal processing machines

We have had such positive experiences of working with Farina's press brakes and shearing machines that we are now supplying them to other metalwork companies too.

 farina press brakes: right first time

farina shearing machines: extremely robust

Farina's shearing machines are also amongst the best in the world when it comes to quality – we can confirm this, having put them through their paces in practice. Their combination of strength and speed makes these shearing machines perfect for use in a continuous production environment.

key features

  • High shearing speed
  • Various sheet support systems
  • Available in NC/CNC versions with a wide range of options

key benefits

  • Faster production
  • Extremely robust
  • Ideal for continuous production

scrap bin and tool cabinets

Like to optimise your production logistics even further? Benefit from our cleverly designed scrap bin and range of handy tool cabinets.

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tool cabinets

Handy cabinets in various designs. Suitable for both bending and punching tools.

scrap bin

One cleverly designed bin for all your scrap. Safe to transport and easy to empty.

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