wolter tijdink: ‘you will save time and reduce your forklift movements’

Has a: Logic sheet metal storage rack (3,000 x 1,500 mm)
Since: mid-2018
Interview with: Technical Director Bastiaan te Poele

Wolter Tijdink website leaves no room for ambiguity: ‘WE MAKE STAIRS!’ it proclaims, in capital letters and with an exclamation mark. At Wolter Tijdink (Borculo, 32 employees) they have been manufacturing custom stairs and banisters, in any form and for any space, for over 30 years.

The company handles the entire process itself, from design through to production, including laser cutting all the sheet metal required, as Technical Director Bastiaan te Poele explains: “We built a new section onto our hall and installed a fibre laser cutter there in 2018. To make our sheet metalworking department complete, we were also looking for a shear and a press brake. At the time aalbers|farina also supplied these, so we got in touch with them. When we got there, however, it was actually the sheet metal storage rack that caught our eye straight away. We quickly identified the benefits it could offer.”

always the bottom sheet that’s needed

38 drawers within a height of 6 metres

“Compared with pallets, we can store a lot more material in our system. We work with all kinds of materials, with various thicknesses. That’s why we wanted to fit as many drawers as possible into the available space. In the end we bought a variant with 38 drawers, which are incorporated into a structure less than 6 metres in height. This was possible thanks to the shallowness of the drawers. But you can still store 2.5 tonnes of material in a single drawer.”

time savings and safety

Where do the main benefits lie for Wolter Tijdink? “In particular, it saves you time. You can place the right sheet onto the machine with just a press of a button. Another important benefit is that you can reduce the number of forklift movements. Safety matters too, after all. And you no longer have to go round clearing up pallets.”

tidy hall means enjoyable work

“You not only work more efficiently, as there are fewer operations involved, but the work is also more pleasant”, Te Poele concludes. “A tidy hall is enjoyable to work in. A number of fellow metalwork companies have visited us to come and see the laser cutter. What always strikes them is how tidy everything is. And that’s largely down to the sheet metal storage rack.”

“Fellow metalwork companies are always struck by how tidy everything is. And that’s largely down to the sheet metal storage rack.”

- Bastiaan te Poele, Technical Director Wolter Tijdink

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