De Rooy Metaaldesign: ‘everything neatly organised and a greater insight into stocks’

Has: LM logic D-6 long materials storage rack + Compact sheet metal storage rack (3,000 x 1,500 mm)
Since: June 2020
Interview with: owner and director Marein de Rooy

De Rooy Metaaldesign specialises in the manufacture of steel internal doors. In addition, the Veenendaal-based company (20 employees) also makes staircases and products including fences and chimney cowls. Since the spring of 2020 it has been carrying out all these activities in brand-new premises.

For owner and director Marein de Rooy moving into the new building was the perfect time to acquire two automatic storage racks (a sheet metal storage rack and a long materials storage rack): “If you leave it until later, you end up spending money twice. We were already busy with the building, so we thought: let’s get it right first time.”

digging down to gain extra height

double long materials storage rack

De Rooy opted for a double variant of the long materials storage rack. “In total it has 54 drawers, measuring 6.20 metres by 80 centimetres. It has been installed close to our saw, which we use throughout the day. The sheet metal storage rack, which has 25 drawers, is next to the shears, which we use less often. This is operated for around half an hour a day to shear sheet metal to size: mainly steel, but also stainless steel and aluminium. That means it is handy to have a number of different drawers.”

greater insight into stocks

“These storage racks allow us to keep everything neat and tidy and we have a greater insight into stocks. We can now see what we have available from the office and do not have to keep visiting the workshop. When a job is confirmed, we can see straight away whether we have enough sheet metal and profiles in stock or whether we need to order new material.”

price/quality ratio

When asked if he would recommend the storage racks, he immediately responds with a wholehearted ‘yes’. De Rooy was already familiar with aalbers|farina before he bought his storage racks: “They are based not far from us and I even did a work placement at aalbers, so I knew that they made these storage racks. We also looked at the racks offered by a competitor. However, aalbers|farina’s products had a more favourable price/quality ratio and also simply look better.”

“When a job is confirmed, we can see straight away whether we have enough sheet metal and profiles in stock.”

- Marein de Rooy, owner and director De Rooy Metaaldesign

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