Construx: ‘much more convenient than an ordinary rack’

Has a: LM logic D-6 long materials storage rack + LM logic D-12 long materials storage rack
Since: spring 2020
Interview with: planner Koen Dhoore

With branches in Belgium, the Netherlands and Romania, Construx is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of formwork systems and precast moulds for concrete elements. At its headquarters in Hulste, Belgium, (50 employees) the company has been using two long materials storage racks since 2020.

Planner Koen Dhoore, as production manager of the 3D tube laser cutter, is also responsible for the long materials storage racks alongside it. “As a result of purchasing our tube laser cutter, we needed more space”, he explains. “The old racks that we were using for storage, for both the tube laser cutter and sawmill, took up too much room. That’s why we started looking upwards.” 

special variant


“We take on reasonably big projects with short lead times. For that reason we need to keep lots of material in stock. The D-6 has now pretty much been filled with all the stock we had lying around in the sawshop: round, flat and L profiles. And the D-12, which we use to store large profiles for the tube laser cutter, is also chock-full at present.”

time savings

Besides saving space, the storage racks are also helping Construx save time: “Compared to an ordinary rack it’s a different way of working. It’s much more convenient. We have a better overview and no longer have to search through racks. However, it’s important to ensure the items that you take out or put back are properly logged. To begin with, this took a bit of getting used to, but now it’s working well. We have now designated one person who is responsible for getting everything ready. That means other employees no longer have to go searching for the pieces they need.” 

logging options

The logging options also allow Construx to allocate material to projects, Dhoore continues: “We will soon be getting a software update that will enable us to link stock records to projects. That will give us an even greater overview when it comes to purchasing and planning.”

satisfied with aalbers|farina and sales partner de tollenaere

The long materials storage racks were purchased via De Tollenaere, aalbers|farina’s sales partner in Belgium. “We had already had good experiences with them, when acquiring different sawing machines and other equipment. We are extremely satisfied with their service.” Dhoore is also happy with the service provided by aalbers|farina. “A storage rack like this is a machine at the end of the day. And machines sometimes go wrong. But if there’s a problem, we can always get in touch by phone or email. They then log in via remote access to take a look and the issue is quickly resolved.”

“We take on reasonably big projects with short lead times. For that reason we need to keep lots of material in stock.”

- Koen Dhoore, planner Construx

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