Conijn Metaalbewerking: ‘the second unloading zone really makes it unique’

Has a: Logic sheet metal storage rack (3,000 x 1,500 mm) with additional rear unloading zone
Since:January 2020
Aan het woord: co-owner Roland Conijn

At the beginning of 2020 Conijn Metaalbewerking (Wormer, 60 employees) replaced four of its six drawer racks with an automatic sheet metal storage rack. It opted for our ‘standard’ model Logic, but in a very special variant: the rack was equipped with an additional rear unloading zone.

The purchase was prompted by the company’s need for extra space, co-owner Roland Conijn explains: “Previously, we had six manually operated drawer racks. Now only two of them remain, thanks to the great solution from aalbers|farina.”

a good feeling from the outset

less forklift work

“In the past we had to reach up two or three metres with a forklift to take a pallet from a rack. Now the sheets are brought down automatically. As a result, we now only need the forklift once a month to top up the drawers.”

search function

He is also pleased with the search function: “We have stainless steel, aluminium diamond plate, bare sheets, blasted sheets and certified sheets with thicknesses ranging from 1.5 to 15 millimetres and in various dimensions. Everything now has its own number. If you tap 3 millimetres on the screen, you are immediately shown all sheets with this thickness. If you then tap stainless steel, you can see how many sheets you have left straight away.”

convenience and space

And what about efficiency? “How do you define efficiency? We are not a manufacturing company that is constantly cutting and shearing. We are involved in machine and equipment building, so the laser cutting and shearing we do is only for ourselves. Some of the machines we have here may only be in use for fifty hours a year, as we like to do everything in house and want to offer our customers a quick service. For us it’s all about convenience and space.”

maintenance contract

Conijn also concluded a maintenance contract for its automatic sheet metal storage rack: “That means it gets inspected annually and allows the supplier to log in if there is ever a fault. So far we have never had to make use of that. But it gives you a good feeling to know that if there’s a problem, they can immediately take a look.”

“At one end of our hall we have a laser-cutting machine and at the other a shearing machine. The rack is exactly halfway between the two.”

- Roland Conijn, co-owner Conijn Metaalbewerking

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